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Russell Beer Expert

Russell Beer Expert

Russell is Head Brewer in Elbow Lane and has vast experience in brewing internationally. Russell trains colleagues in all restaurants firstly on the basics of beer and brewing and then on the principles of matching beers with food. Russell brews at least twice per week every week in our nano-brewery in Elbow Lane. We won’t sell our beer outside our four restaurants and all beers are brewed to the principles of the ancient German Purity Law or “Reinheitsgebot”, using only four ingredients.

We’ve already enjoyed one Gold medal for our Arrow Weisse Beer and although we’re one of the tiniest breweries in Ireland, Russell and his team are dedicated to providing gold standard beers from each brew. We marry this with a strong training ethos to make sure colleagues can answer any questions the guest may have.

Have a question about one of our beers? More info here www.elbowlane.ie

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Want to know more about Reinheitsgebot ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reinheitsgebot