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Set in a handsome building at the end of Oliver Plunkett street in Cork city, our restaurant combines an in-house nano brewery with a smoke house serving exciting food and drinks including our own Elbow Lane beers.

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We're open again for outdoor dining from 7 June

Hours will be  5–10 pm 7 days a week

We will open for indoor dining on the 5th of July

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Note: if you have already reserved a table with us on or after 5th July, your reservation has been automatically moved to indoors

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Our Beers

We’re really proud of the beers that we make here in our tiny brewery. There are no additives and we proudly brew according to the principles of the German Purity Law which means that we use four ingredients to make our beer. Quality and taste are paramount to us and we formulated the beers below specifically to work with the food we offer in our five restaurants.
We hope you enjoy!

Elbow Lager

Elbow Lager

Angel Stout

Angel Stout

Wisdom Ale

Wisdom Ale

Jawbone Pale Ale

Jawbone Pale Ale

Arrow Weiss.

Arrow Weiss.

Drawbridge Pale Ale

Drawbridge Pale Ale


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Treat your friends and loved ones to an unforgettable meal at Elbow Lane with our restaurant voucher. Vouchers can be purchased online for a minimum of €20.00 and up to €500.00. You may choose to have the voucher held at the restaurant for collection or posted (within one working day) to you or the recipient directly. Personal dedications are also available, with the personalised message included in the voucher. The voucher itself is a handsome A6-sized embossed and folded gift card printed on heavy stock which comes in its own matching envelope.

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Take home a taste of Elbow Lane with our special Rub and Sauce, available to purchase in the restaurant, at a growing list of outlets nationwide.

Elbow Lane Smokehouse Sauce

Available in store and from a growing list of shops nationwide

Blas na hÉireann/Irish Food Awards Gold 2019

This amazing Smokehouse sauce comes straight from the kitchens of our restaurant where we use it for a great many dishes. We suggest that it can be a dip, a marinade or a sauce. Our favourite use of it is on our pork rib dish. When we cook this dish at home we buy our ribs the day before, usually from Tom Durcan in the English Market. We apply our Smokehouse Rub to flavour the meat in advance and leave them to chill in the fridge overnight. We then pre-heat our oven to 100 degrees Celsius, insert our ribs and let them cook for 3 hours.

30 minutes before they’re done we take them out and, well there’s no other word for it, SLATHER them with this sauce. We then return them to the oven and sit by the door for the last half hour to make sure nobody else comes in and whisks them away. We let them rest for around 5 seconds and then eat them with some home-made coleslaw and roast sweet potatoes.

More info:

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Dry Rub

Available in store

About this Dry Rub
This rub is a combination of salt, pepper, sugar, herbs and spices and can be used to flavour meat in any dish. Unlike a marinade, the dry rub will form a tasty crust on the exterior of the meat when grilled. If grilled, the sugar will caramelize and form a crust to seal in all the flavor and juices. Just about any meat can be rubbed before going on the grill or in the oven. There are people that would disapprove of you using this rub as a seasoning on chips, potatoes and indeed breakfast cereals, but we don’t know any of those people.

Thicker cuts and cuts of steak with a bone in them tend to be more flavourful, but require more time to cook. We suggest ribeye steaks, t-bone steaks, centre cut loin and sirloin steaks. We also season our triple-cooked chips in the restaurant with a version of this rub.

Working with 1 steak at a time, apply a generous amount of rub to 1 side and using your hand, rub the spices around the surface of the meat until it’s totally covered. Turn the steak over and apply the rub to this side as well.
Rubs can be applied as soon as a few minutes prior to grilling, but the best flavour comes as a result of letting the steaks rest, covered, in the refrigerator overnight or for at least a few hours. Let the meat come to room temperature prior to grilling it. In our restaurant having applied the rub, we wrap our meat in clingfilm to ensure that the rub can do its job properly.
Put the steaks on a preheated grill and cook them until they’re cooked according to your taste. This rub can burn so it is advised to cook the steaks over a lower temperature.

Let us know how you use this rub and the best recipes win beer & food vouchers from our restaurant.


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